Ifoods Chain Presented at the Blockchain Festival in Vietnam

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BEIJING, May 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Blockchain Festival launched in full swing at the Gem Center in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to the comments and sharing of the experts from industry at the Festival, Ifoods Chain from China was invited to participate in the blockchain project exhibition as one of the high-quality project participators.

As a special guest of the Festival, Jeffrey Wernick, an early holder of bitcoin, was interested and visited the Ifoods chain booth, increasing the team’s confidence. Jeffery has more than 40 years of investment experience and has invested in Uber and Airbnb. In recent years, he has shifted the focus of investment to banking transactions, lending platforms and blockchain industries.

Jeffrey has previously said:The investment of the blockchain shall hold steady and keep patience, which is a long-term investment, not short-term speculation, and please do not expect to get rich in the short term,” and his view above exactly coincides with the vision of the Ifoods chain team. Though entering the fast track of the blockchain, Caron, the founder of the project, thinks that what he and his team want to do is not only to promote technology, also to popularize food safety knowledge, which requires a long run from the community to the general consumers. Therefore, the team will be prepared to face a tough fight of science and technology with a solid spirit of scientific research.

Ifoods chain is based on the blockchain technology, it combines the large data analysis and intelligent hardware to integrate global food detection resources, creates a global food detection technology development and application platform, launches a hardware system of the food intelligence detection for B terminal and C terminal, and finally solves the final issue of food safety through the flow construction port of the terminal DAPP.

Ifoods chain found a new way to promote the food safety through blockchain, providing a portable blockchain food detection device for each individual user, which is smart, convenient, economical, and can quickly give the results. Caron also explained the background of not doing food traceability to a number of experts in the field of investment, in an unfalsified environment, the food traceability is obviously useless, but food detection can clearly tell whether food is safe, which is important for ordinary consumers. In addition to the current test of water injection in beef, the function of food bacteria and additives detection will be introduced later, all of which need to be implemented based on blockchain technology.

In the exhibition, Caron and his team showed the speed and vision of Ifoods chain for followers of the blockchain from the Vietnam and around the world, and revealed that Ifoods Token (IFOOD) will be listed on Leek platform at 20:00 Beijing Time, on May 25, and investors can buy Ifoods Token (IFOOD) in the ETH trading area. The exchange ratio of Token is 1ETH=75000IFOOD. The total sales volume is 1,500,000,000 IFOOD.

Officials say the period of the collection will end for two weeks or the upper limit of donations, and the project’s hard-top is 20000ETH, and residents excluding China, the United States, Australia and South Korea can contribute to donations. Through this public offering, more investors will be able to understand the project background and team strength of Ifoods chain. In the future, Ifoods chain will provide a new platform for the transformation of global food detection technology.

Leek: https://leekico.com/

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