ADEPT Driver Brings Insurance Technology Solutions to AAA/CAA Insurance Conference

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ADEPT Driver, the world recognized leader in providing crash avoidance training solutions to the insurance industry, will attend the AAA/CAA Insurance Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona September 30-October 2, 2018.

“We started our partnership with CSAA back in 2004 offering teenSMART in two states. Now the CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer, offers discounts for teenSMART in 23 states plus the District of Columbia,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “We are excited to share our latest advances in driver safety technology with attendees at AAA’s conference.”

ADEPT Driver’s teenSMART® program has been shown to reduce claims frequency and property damage by up to 30% and bodily injury costs by 51%. Teen drivers that complete the teenSMART program and who are insured by CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer, benefit from a 20% discount on auto insurance.

Today, discounts for teenSMART completion are approved by departments of insurance in 49 states plus the District of Columbia. teenSMART is also the only crash reduction program approved for a 20% discount by the California Department of Insurance. To date over 400,000 teens and parents have benefited from teenSMART.

ADEPT Driver’s Lifelong Driver®, a crash reduction training program for mature drivers, is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) as a Mature Driver Improvement Course. With this designation, insurance companies are authorized to provide discounts on auto insurance to customers age 55 or older who successfully complete Lifelong Driver. All insurance carriers that recommend Lifelong Driver to their mature clients can benefit from the loss cost and customer retention benefits of this discount. In several states, the CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer, offers the Lifelong Driver program at no cost to their customers.

ADEPT Driver introduced Psychometric Based Insurance™ this year. It works as a stand-alone product or can be paired with a UBI device, providing the most sophisticated predictive analytics solution available on the market. Designed for connected car and insurance technologies, this service provides actuaries with verification that driver safety performance has improved. 

Distracted driving is a leading cause of collisions. ADEPT Driver is leading the industry by providing solutions in all of its products that address the causes of distracted driving. While other programs may look at the symptoms of distracted driving or promote awareness, ADEPT’s approach measures and improves risk perception, hazard detection and visual cognition. When these skills are developed, it’s less likely that a driver will make a choice to text while driving. In response to a survey of parents of teen drivers who completed teenSMART, parents reported that their teen was 88.8% less likely to text or talk on the phone while driving after completing teenSMART. This is just one example of the improved safety habits of a driver who completed an ADEPT Driver training program.

To learn more, AAA/CAA Insurance Conference delegates are invited to meet ADEPT Driver CEO Dr. Richard Harkness at the Supplier Networking Reception on Sunday, September 30 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., or contact Dr. Harkness at

Contact: Richard Harkness, ADEPT Driver
Phone: 916-509-8012


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