LiveTree Announces Four Massive Blockchain Partnerships Ahead of Blossom TV Launch

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LONDON, September 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

LiveTree is reimagining the film and video content creation process. Individual users (or like-minded groups of users) will help to fund and develop film and television that is meaningful to them and then earn their share of the returns.

Users will be able to back film and television projects using LiveTree Seed tokens, the world’s first dedicated video content cryptocurrency. Unlike with crowdfunding models, backers will enter royalty agreements, and will profit when the content they have backed is broadcast on television, screened in cinemas or streamed on Blossom TV, LiveTree’s own streaming channel.

An organic network of financiers, creators and audiences will ultimately develop, leading to an entertainment industry which is fairer to creators and more responsive to audiences.

Ahead of the 5th November launch of Blossom TV, LiveTree is forming partnerships with major global brands in film and television production. Just as important as securing high-quality content, however, is ensuring that the product takes advantage of the latest technological advances. LiveTree has partnered up with four of the world’s most innovative blockchain providers in order to deliver the key services that will help realise LiveTree’s vision.

Achain will offer its advanced smart-contract technology. Users will have the option to manage their data and earn when they share it. In the future, complex deals of rights and royalties, split between cast, crew and backers, will be managed on Achain’s blockchain. Each transaction will be recorded, making the entire funding process auditable, transparent and secure. This comes at a time when the processes of funding and distribution in the entertainment industry are becoming increasingly centralised and opaque. LiveTree CEO and founder said, “Achain is a good use case for us on how we remain blockchain-neutral as we develop a solution where the user chooses the technology partner they want to use.” China-based Achain will help London-based LiveTree to extend its global reach, while appealing to East Asian talent to pitch their ideas to the LiveTree community.

Meanwhile, as part of LiveTree’s mission to decentralise AI, it has started a beta on DeepBrain Chain‘s Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing platform. The growth of AI is limited by the large amounts of computing power needed, which results in slow, expensive and inefficient processes. DeepBrain Chain’s decentralised approach can be up to 70% more efficient.

LiveTree’s originally developed AI will provide risk analyses for users considering backing projects, based on the cast, crew, genre and thousands of other data points associated with the project. It will also tailor recommended viewing lists for individual users. Unlike other platforms, LiveTree will never plug material for personal interest or allow third parties to buy ratings or positions.

LiveTree has also partnered with the Infinity Economics platform (IEP), which has developed the blockchain technology to make peer-to-peer lending possible. Their network is so efficient that LiveTree’s users’ revenues will not be lost in charges, even if they have backed a project on a very small scale.

As each transaction is recorded individually on an encrypted blockchain ledger, each small step in the funding process is logged securely. Royalty disputes will become a thing of the past.

LiveTree’s fourth partner, 0chain, is a parallel sub-second confirmation blockchain. Along with its smart contract technology, LiveTree is investigating its data storage services, which allow the vast amount of data associated with video content to be stored in a decentralised blockchain.The growth of small-scale, high-quality video content sites is normally limited by the expense of data storage. In the past, centralised servers had to be rented from internet giants such as Amazon, who retain power as creative gatekeepers of the digital era. However, by taking advantage of 0chain’s zero-cost policy and efficient distributed storage, LiveTree can focus on what matters the most: the user experience.

The Alpha version of LiveTree’s streaming platform, Blossom TV, will launch on 5th November.

Visit the website and register: here.

About LiveTree 

LiveTree allows creators to seek funding from audiences, and allows audiences to get behind the projects that they want to see made. When that content is streamed on Blossom TV, broadcast on television or screened in cinemas, backers profit with Seed token rewards, LiveTree’s film & television cryptocurrency.

Based in London, UK, LiveTree is the world’s only dedicated funding and distribution platform for film, TV and video content. Utilising the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies it has the potential to revolutionise the entire entertainment industry.

Blossom TV Alpha launches 5th November.

About Achain 

Achain is a public blockchain based in China. It has experienced extremely rapid growth and is now one of the leading Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers in the world. Achain specialises in smart contracts and transaction ledgers, which are funded by users with the ACT cryptocurrency. Achain is open sourced.

About DeepBrain Chain 

DeepBrain Chain is an award-winning computing platform based in Singapore. It famously completed its 2017 token sale in four hours. DeepBrain Chain is the first platform to process Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a blockchain, rather than a server, and hosts AI technology with up to 70% more efficiency.

About Infinity Economics 

Infinity Economics is a 100% community-led project. The deciding power of all community members corresponds to their voting power. This approach essentially makes us a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). All processes from platform development to marketing and documentation are organized in a decentralized manner. The “power” rests with the users – the only consistent and fair approach for a blockchain. Because we believe that’s the only way to eliminate sources of error. The Infinity Economics platform was designed for users to decide independently of major investors, developers or founders – all new features are coordinated in advance via the built-in e-voting system.

About 0Chain: 

0chain is the world’s fastest enterprise-grade Blockchain. 0chain provides enterprises with the ability to customise and create their own fully featured blockchain. 0chain dCloud™ unlocks new ways to transfer, compute and store data via blockchain. 0chain’s blockchain, built from the ground up, delivers the availability, speed, and security enterprises require. 0chain’s asset-based model for storage can lower public and private cloud OpEx and CapEx.