Shanghai International STEM Educational Products Fair: integrating international resources and displaying diverse STEM products

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SHANGHAI, Sept. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The STEM-themed exhibition area at the Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo (Shanghai Science Expo) which is serving as a preview for the 2018 Shanghai International STEM Educational Products Fair, attracted much attention from a number of exhibitors across the industry. Most of the preparatory work for the 2018 Shanghai International STEM Educational Products Fair has been completed. Based on the diverse range of potential applications of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education as well as the buzz and excitement around the topic and the interesting on-site activities, the fair’s organizer, World Pride Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. — Shanghai, was able to be very selective in the choice of exhibitors among the many companies and organizations from a variety of countries and regions, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, that were participated in the Fair in different ways.

Selection criteria for the exhibitors at the 2018 Shanghai International STEM Educational Products Fair are based on the company’s or organization’s level of innovation in four areas when it comes to showcasing the diverse applications of STEM: concept, form, marketing and value. In addition to products in the popular programming and robotics industries, the fair will also showcase content in the natural, social and thinking sciences, demonstrating all possibilities around STEM education under one roof. A key factor in the selection process are the interesting events and activities planned and designed by exhibitors. Events staged by exhibitors include movable-type printing and papermaking demonstrations, mineral and biological specimen displays, VR glasses making and dialogues with industry celebrities. Built on the real scenarios,  the fair can be expected to deliver to visitors an immersive experience through a combination of technologies making use of sound, light, electronics and imagery.

Exhibitors at the fair will include several brands that, in the aggregate, cover a wide range of disciplines and subjects, and have already made notable advances in the field, with Eastcolight being one of the most well-known, as well as new and emerging players, such as Revo IT. Exhibitors include the Hong Kong-based Revo IT, Hangzhou -based Morpx and South Korea-based Robotis in the programming and robotics area; HABA, Eastcolight, Youngzone Technology and Mali Home in the STEM toy area; Only STEM, CloudAcademy and GeeRo in the STEM education and lab area; Yingfang Culture and Shandong Mathematics Press in the STEM books area; and DFRobot in the STEM DIY area. The exhibitors are well positioned to showcase their unique and distinctive content, arousing the child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning while providing the tools that enable him or her to examine and innovatively come up with a solution to a problem based on logic.

Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, Eastcolight has supplied children with nearly eight million science-based toys in over 110 countries and regions worldwide, stimulating the child’s interest in learning and him or her them develop a comprehensive ability to solve problems. Its products help children consolidate and retain book knowledge acquired in the classroom, and encourage them to further that knowledge through practice, enhancing their interest in scientific knowledge by using scientific observation tools to make the learning experience fun.

Revo IT, an emerging company in the STEM sector, is the distributor of and representative agency for novel and interesting science-based and educational toys as well as intelligent robots, which can stimulate the child’s desire for knowledge through play. The approach assists the child in gradually grasping scientific knowledge, creating an environment that allows him or her to learn through play. Of particular interest is the programming robot that is helpful in developing the child’s logical thinking and ability to put theory into practice.

Only STEM, a program developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, focuses on integrating advanced STEM education in the US and Europe to create a unique and localized STEM education program for and in China. Established by a group of nature lovers, Exploring Treasures of the Earth is a platform designed to stimulate interest in the natural sciences, telling the story behind all things that can be found naturally in the environment, including minerals, fossils and meteorites, with the goal of heightening interest in such phenomena among the general public. Based in Hong Kong, Trendiy Art integrates the world’s STEM toy resources. The HK-based firm has held several thematic exhibitions, guiding children and their parents as they participate in interactive activities, while laying the solid foundation for spreading the word about the wide diversity of STEM applications that are available.

The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Educational Products Fair will be a gathering point for STEM product and service companies and their end consumers, attracting channel partners across all industries that can benefit as well as schools, investors, students and parents. The organizer looks forward to helping each and every child experience the real fun of STEM education through the many STEM-related interdisciplinary demonstrations and interactive activities while helping schools, educational institutions and parents learn more about the advantages and value of STEM education through thematic seminars and presentations.

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