PeopleFWD Conference Offers Powerfully Practical Solutions for Today’s Most Complex People Challenges

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — “People challenges” are among the most under-addressed issues businesses face today, and they’re also the most challenging to solve. Why?

John Deehan, principal consultant at Sopra Steria and speaker at PeopleFWD 2018 sums up the issue: “Henry Ford is quoted as saying, ‘Why is it every time I ask for a pair of hands, they come with a brain attached?’ While no one denies Ford’s contributions to society, his views of employees are unfortunately all too common in organizations today.”

“Many complex factors like personality, leadership style, communication, motivation, well-being, and more contribute to ‘people challenges’ for the majority of organizations,” said Jeff Hayes, president and CEO, CPP–The Myers-Briggs Company. “At PeopleFWD 2018, we’re addressing these challenges with data-backed, practical solutions.”

The conference, being held Oct 17-18 at the Westin Hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area, will host speakers from across a variety of disciplines, addressing a range of topics relevant to global, midsize and small businesses alike. Attendees can choose from three tracks on topics most relevant to their line of work: Engage and Develop (for HR Professionals), Develop and Perform (for Line-of-Business Managers), and Perform and Transform (for Senior Business Leaders). Those attending receive first access to new research, and insights from some of the most experienced experts in workforce development, including presentations on:

Practical Future Human Leaders: Traits of the Top 3%
As workplace technologies like Artificial Intelligence rapidly evolve, human-only traits such as creativity, empathy, and the ability to adapt are more important than ever. Leaders with exceptional flexibility have an extra edge in an increasingly automated workplace. Sherrie Haynie, director of US professional services, CPP and Justin Arneson, research scientist, CPP, will present research and insights into what makes a successful leader, and what differentiates the top 3% of leaders today.

Using All Your Resources, All the Time (Thinking in 4T)
“Thinking in 4T” or thinking clearly about your target, talent, technology, and technique, can help organizations make the most of their resources. Terri Griffith, professor of management & entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, will discuss planning projects while focusing on the 4Ts and how thinking about the right “4T” combination will help everyone in the organization develop the right skills for optimal work.

Why Workplace Well-being Affects Organizational Performance, and How to Improve It
We’ve seen a momentous shift in the past 10 years in the expectations that employees have for their employers.

If organizations want to attract, retain, and utilize the best talent, they need to invest in workplace well-being.

Rich Thompson, senior director of research, CPP, and Martin Boult, senior director of professional services and international training & psychologist for CPP Asia Pacific, will explain their data gathered on over 10,000 people over a three year period on workplace well-being, along with steps business leaders can take now to improve well-being.

Creating the Context for Talent
In the past, employee-related costs were seen as expenses to be controlled. But forward-thinking executives view people as assets with the potential to grow in value. Dr. Roger Conway, senior fellow (retired) from the Center for Creating Leadership and chairman of the board of directors for West Pak Avocado explains these key shifts and the rationale behind HR’s expanded future role.

Self-Awareness: The Performance Superfood
Self-awareness can be an individual’s most important asset, and while 95 percent of people will say they’re self-aware, a significantly lower percent actually are. John Hackston, head of thought leadership at OPP will draw on research findings to take a deep look at what self-awareness really is, how you measure and develop it, and why it matters now more than ever.

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